This project was created during my time at The Sable Project Artist Residency in July 2019. I cannot thank the Sable Team enough for their support. I hold them in my heart always.


Thank you to...

My parents, for more than I can possibly say but mostly for believing me. 

My sisters, Olivia & Schuyler, for keeping me laughing.

Madison, for being my honorary third sister. 

Maddy, Alonzo, and Jenny, for offering me a place to stay when I had nowhere to go. 

Simon, for his sincere heart. 

Tenlie, for her patience, empathy, and grace.

Paul, for being my brother in this life and all the rest. 

Max, for being on the path with me. 

Allegra, for her sage break-up wisdom. 

Claudia, Kira, and Emma, for bringing me in. 

ZachyZoo, for helping me stoke my creative fire after it was blown out. 

Brandon and Sean, for helping me build a home. 

Alexis and Rebeca, for being the shining examples of the queer, witchy, artist that I aspire to be. 

Myles, for all the magick that she carries within her heart always. 

Lisa, for telling me that I would be okay. 

Gretchen, for being the queer witchy artsy therapist that every queer witchy artist needs. 

Jake, for being my forever 2 of cups.

The Sable Land, for bringing me peace. 

And finally El, for being the red to my blue for a moment in time. 

Art by Magdalyn Segale