How to be empty:

Live in a house. 


How to live in a house:

Don’t live in a home.


How to don’t live in a home:

Try to design one.


How to design one:

Give shape to a place that you believe you don’t already have.


How to give shape to a place that you believe you don’t already have:

Ask what it means to pray and then do the opposite.

Ask if doing the opposite is still a form of prayer.

Pretend that you didn’t like the answer that you received.

Ask the same question again

just not in the same way.

Get the same answer again

just not in the same way.

Believe that this is too unclear, that you are lost.


Leave your house 

(the house that you gave shape to because you believed that you didn’t have a home).


Go for a walk. Go for a run. Keep running, run everyday. 

Pretend that you are running for fun, for your health, because it brings you joy. 

Tell all of your friends about how much you love running. 

Run a marathon. 

Run two. 

Pretend that you’re not running away from anything

only running towards. 

How to run towards:

Be empty but not in a full way.


How to be empty but not in a full way:

Be a vase.


How to be a vase:

Pretend that the space inside and the space outside are different spaces,

neither of which you have access to.

Don’t admit that this scares you. 


How to be scared:

Refuse to define the fear


How to refuse:

Open your palms like a book

     like an offering

Extend your arms out in front of you while taking three steps back.


How to step back:

Pretend that you didn’t want to lean forward.


How to lean forward: 

Sing a song but not your favorite song and not your second favorite song.

The song that you haven’t heard yet but you know that know it by heart.

A hollow song, one that is a bit sad. 

A sad song that is not sad in a sensational way but in a heavy way. Not heavy with sadness. 


Heavy with love.


How to sing a sad song that is heavy with love:

Walk outside and face west. Gather the moon.


How to gather the moon:



How to pray:


very softly, 

about all the shadows that you cannot name in the daylight. 


How to pray:

Accept that an omen is an answer.


How to pray:

One answer to one question is the same answer for every question.


How to answer:



How to trust:

Close your eyes.

Is your body still there?

Hiding and disappearing are not the same thing.


How to hide: 

Be small.


How to disappear:

Become bigger than the need to be small.


How to be bigger:

Say “thank you” after the demolitions.


How to say thank you:

Be empty.

Be empty.


How to be empty:




holds space.


How to hold space:

Allow yourself to be held.