“In the Garden: an Homage to Lilith” (work in progress) explores the mythology of the widely misunderstood and unrecognized first lady of Eden, Lilith. As a foundational archetypical example of the exiled, wild woman, Lilith exemplifies the repressed shadow aspects of the divine feminine that have been shamed, demonized, and suppressed throughout the millennia. Known to many as either Satan’s concubine, Adam’s first wife, or God’s confidante, her story is only ever seen through the heteronormative, patriarchal lens of her male counterparts. This work aims to offer her a voice that exists outside the confines of biblical silencing so that she may teach us of the resiliency, magick, and strength that she has discovered in her time by the Red Sea.  

Excerpts of “In the Garden..." were created and performed at the Lake Studios Berlin Artist Residency in February 2020.