In lieu of my annual "Self-Portrait Series", I have begun to develop a (work in progress) resource list for anti-oppressive practices.


This work in progress document includes:

  • Anti-capitalism resources

  • White accomplice resources

  • BIPoC mental health resources

  • National legal counsel resources

  • Guide for parents and teachers who want to talk about race with children/students

  • Black led LGBTQ+ Organizations 

  • Bail out funds 

  • Guide to knowing your rights (created by the Legal Aid Society)

  • Google doc compilation of Black Liberation literature that is entirely FREE 

  • Google doc compilation of Queer Liberation literature that is entirely FREE

  • Anti-oppressive books, podcasts, & films/documentaries

  • Alternatives and substitutes for appropriative or problematic language

  • Action items for people who can or cannot protest and/or donate

  • Spiritual decolonization/unsettling resources

  • Mutual aid resources

  • Physical boundaries checklist (sexual and non-sexual)

This resource list is available to anyone who would like to utilize it. I will continue to update it as time continues and I welcome any additions/edits. If you would like to suggest an addition and/or an edit, please contact me directly by email: